Machigerita – Yumenikki no Tame no Waltz (2013)


Machigerita - Yumenikki no Tame no Waltz (2013) coverMachigerita. Born in 1991. Composer, lyricist, writer, illustrator, designer. Started music career in 2006. Continue to expand its activities in the field net, released a self-produced CD in 2008. And continued to release a self-produced CD over the next three years, and released a CD, and published a novel at the same time measure, by indies in 2012. The popular around the 10’s to women in their 20s Uploaded site “Nico Nico Douga”, total Views of the music video that was posted more than 10 million times, activities not only music, design and paintings, novels and I have wide-ranging, such as. Provided music magazine “KERA” model to the “Harunaruna”, such as collaboration Harajuku fashion brand as “Deorart”, and continues to vigorously activities in 2012…bio

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