Archon Orchestra – Cenotaph (2013)

Archon Orchestra - Cenotaph (2013) coverI’ve been enjoying the material coming out of Muzyka Voln, so I was interested to see this installment. I was not familiar with Archon Orchestra, but the cover reminded me of Theatrum Chemicum’s releases. The label describes the album as ‘the sounds of a church organ harmoniously intertwine with delicate, subtle electronics while piano and strings mysteriously ‘float’ under the arches of a gothic cathedral immersing the listener in light melancholia.’ Archon Orchestra serves up some good electronic neo-classical which reminds me of Theatrum Chemicum or Autopsia. Somber and heavy. The only downside on this album was ‘Time {extra},’ which was an upbeat number that didn’t seem to work. Kind of like when Autopsia has a somber track that all of a sudden kicks into techno for a while. However, this is pretty good overall. This album weighs in at around 44 minutes…chaindlk



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