Jon Hopkins – Insides (2009)

Jon Hopkins - Insides (2009) coverYou may not have heard of the guy, but it’s more than probable you’ve heard his work. Massive Attack, Herbie Hancock, Imogen Heap, and, most recently, Coldplay and Brian Eno, are just a few of the names you’ll see connected to the classically trained 28 year old’s already colourful profile. But if the mention of ‘classically trained’ and ‘Coldplay’ has you raising your eyebrows, then maybe the words ‘serrated dub-step’ and ‘aggressive electronica’ will dampen the fears slightly. Continuing on from his two previous critically acclaimed albums, Insides is a lot darker, grittier and rougher around the edges than anything on either Contact Note or Opalescent. It sees Hopkins expanding and exploring; keeping true to his clasically fashioned electronica sound but also delving into the bottomless depths of dub-step and dissecting the more aggressive, angry side of electronica. Put simply; it has more character…sputnikmusic

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