Lakker – Untitled (2013)

folderDublin-hailing duo, Lakker, born Dara Smith and Ian McDonnell, are fast becoming core members of the Stroboscopic Artefacts camp. They have been releasing music together for over a decade, but it is their recent output – for Killekill, Candela Rising and Blueprint, as well as Stroboscopic – that has attracted the most attention.
‘Harbour’ is the dread-filled opener of their new record, a seven-minute sonic voyage through the blurred edges of techno and electronica. Saturated atmosphere and pumping compression gear it for the club, yet its rhythmic complexity and distant vocals give it the textural depth that has charaterised Lakker’s left-of-centre output for years. Fans of Lucy’s recent contribution to Bleep’s Green Series, take note.
The synth that begins ‘eeAea’ nods more to grime tones that anything else, but still fits the aesthetic of ‘Untitled’ to a tee. It rides above padded kicks, static hiss and kitchen-sink percussion for a thoroughly engaging first three minutes, but evolves after a mini-breakdown and its striking features fade. Though the second half pales in comparison, the track overall has that kind of paranoid unease that can captivate a dancefloor in the right context.
The EP’s lightest moment comes in ‘Valentina Lane’. Reverb-drenched chords ghost in-and-out, with both an eerie and optimistic air at once. It’s not so far from a Visionist production in that respect, but unravels further towards the cinematic, providing a gratifying and delicate end to the release…thenoisegate

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