Metamatics ‎– From Death To Passwords Where You’re A Paper Aeroplane (2001)

 Metamatics ‎– From Death To Passwords Where You're A Paper Aeroplane_coverSomewhere is Lee Norris’ closet, a pair of dancing shoes is collecting a shitload of dust. Norris is probably out for a stroll, right around 7:30 in the PM, breathing deeply and keeping the pace relaxed. He’s stocking up on pillows and Swedish furniture, and sleeping in late. Taking it easy.
And rightfully so. Despite scores of brilliant records, from his 12″ releases on Clear to seminal albums like Spook Tinsel Shoal and the flawless diamond that is the Neo Ouija LP, Norris has remained just this side of the spotlight, IDM’s best kept secret or beautiful albino in guarded seclusion. In that time he’s harvested a crop of like-minded knob-twiddlers for his Neo Ouija label roster, and kept his sound evolving. Although he thinks of some of that early Metamatics catalog as dated (Lee, believe me, it ain’t so), a surprising number of elements from previous Norris records still crop up on 2002’s From Death to Passwords Where You’re A Paper Aeroplane, a subdued album that finds the heavy dance DNA of Dope for the Robot and Neo Ouija turned down to a whisper…pitchfork

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