Murcof and Philippe Petit ‎– First Chapter (2013)

 Murcof and Philippe Petit ‎– First Chapter (2013)_coverMurcof, the performing name of Fernando Corona, is a Mexican composer, born in 1970, who lives today in Barcelona. He has a long career and several albums released in the previous years, whereof I appreciated his refinement, the sound precision, his perfect balance between a minimal rhythm and a classical writing.
Philippe Petit is a “musical travel-agent”, as he likes to define himself on his website. I would have said a sounds explorer, but also a creative animal with an obsession for the novelty, or a phobia for the already heard, if you prefer…First Chapter is the final result of three years collaboration, with performances finalized to develop a common listen, and an expressivity capable to sum up the single personalities in a single form. This could explain the perfect synergy achieved with this last work, a not obvious goal if we consider the previous experiences of Philippe Petit, with two jazz albums released in 2006, a high number of collaborations and the electronic discovery in 2009…musicainformatica, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube

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