Trentemøller – Lost (2013)

Trentemøller - Lost cover (2013)Danish producer Anders Trentemøller has hinted at long playing greatness for some time. Previous albums, 2006′s The Last Resort and Into the Great Wide Yonder four years later showed promise, but an over reliance on moodscapes meant they meandered at times, resulting in a lack of cohesion despite containing great standalone tracks.
Lost does not suffer from this problem; it’s a fully functioning collection that shows an impressive breadth. This is the first album where he’s used a band aesthetic to create the songs, many of which contain guest vocalists, which releases him from the limitation he previously faced as the choice of collaborators complement the sounds perfectly. The transition from atmospheric house to Krautrock-tinted electronica sounds like it was an easy move to make; this is a collection filled with highly complex sounds, more theatrical, more organic, less synthetic and at many points, really rather beautiful…thelineofbestfit, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud

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