Veto – Crushing Digits (2008)

Veto - Crushing Digits cover

“If you say one more clever thing, I’ll just repeat it and act like I said it first,” sings Troels Abrahamsen on the track You Say Yes, I Say Yes on Veto’s second album Crushing Digits. A bit ironic really, because while they’ve stated they don’t want to create a style dependent on emulating other bands, unfortunately they imitate plenty of other bands like Bloc Party, The Killers, Klaxons, and at times Abrahamsen’s vocals are reminiscent of The Cure’s Robert Smith. While these are all great references to draw upon, this lack of originally leaves you feeling like it’s a moment in time already passed, irrespective of how catchy some songs are, how good the production is, and how great some of those indie-guitar-instrumentals happen to be. Veto are superstars in their home country of Denmark and in many other parts of Europe too, but I’m not sure their equal part rock to electronic formula is going to catch on here…racheld83



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